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Ajuntament de Badalona
Ajuntament de Girona

avanttic guarantees the continuity of services of the council with a backup data centre

The Ajuntament de Girona (Girona City Council) manages the civil processes of more than 95,000 inhabitants. Citizen registrations, trade registrations, administrative processes, municipal finances… Sensitive data essential to the daily operations of…

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Ajuntament de Sant Just Desvern

The Ajuntament de Sant Just Desvern (Sant Just Desvern Town Council) was the first in Spain to use the Oracle Chatbot Cloud Service to…

The pioneer chatbot of the council allows citizens to streamline the management of appointments and to process citizen registrations.

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Area Metropolitana de Barcelona
Ayuntamiento de Fuenlabrada
Cantabria Labs

avanttic is developing a mobile app to increase efficiency of the Cantabria Labs sales team

A mobile app on the cloud allowed the more than 100 sales representatives to automate the recording and sending of information, both online and offline. A solution that they could use from…

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Ciemat needed to improve the exploitation of its staff remunerations data, addressing different criteria and groupings. The construction of its new Human Resource data analytics system is based on ETL (Extract, transform and load) using the OWB (Oracle Warehouse Builder) tool to ultimately provide the necessary dashboards on the customer OBI 11g (Oracle Business Intelligence). Complex specifications, which were answered with a solution adapted to the needs of Ciemat.

Consorci Hospitalari de Vic

A rational IT architecture that contributes to a better performance and use of resources

One of the greatest challenges headed by avanttic was guaranteeing the high availability of data of the different applications of the CHV: hospital management and clinical history, laboratory management, application of human…

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Grupo Tragsa
Institut Català d’Oncologia
Institut Català de la Salut
Metro de Madrid
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