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Abertis Autopistas

Incident management in databases and 24/7 support. Abertis Autopistas has entrusted this critical service to avanttic, both for its main databases and for emergencies. The collaboration with avanttic has extended to several of the group’s companies: Acesa, Invicat, Aucat, Aumar AP7, Aumar AP4, Iberpistas, Aulesa and Avasa.

The conviction of doing our job better as a team is the key to growing and having opportunities. The projects that avanttic installs, with a high IT content, show the value of the team of consultants, specialists and architects.
Antonio Molina
Head of the Projects Office
Attitude, passion and specialization
Our team of professionals provides a unique perspective, acquired through a broad collaboration with customers and a deep knowledge of Oracle technology.
Evolución, innovación y transformación
37 Service Expertise avalados por Oracle 
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