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Cloud services are a model that allows resources to be pooled together to make all operations more efficient in all areas.

We understand the cloud to be a hybridization of both models: on-premise and public cloud. We believe that the best option for the customer is the combination of both options, as they can go from one to the other transparently and with complete security, according to the needs at that moment, benefiting from the advantages of both:

– Optimization of the existing and complementary infrastructure with the cloud services
– Significant improvements in agility and in time to market
– Reduction in operating costs and the elimination of investments
– Limitless scalability of the IT infrastructure regarding peaks in demand
– Flexibly align IT expenses to the needs of each company
– Enable direct control of the infrastructure through management portals

  • Oracle Application Development Cloud Platform
  • Oracle Mobile Cloud Service
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  • Oracle Infrastructure as a Service
  • Oracle Management Cloud
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