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We work in the following solution areas, all available on the Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid Cloud.

We classify our Oracle Consulting services into 8 solution areas, each one having a highly specialized technical team, capable of addressing complex projects with quality and an appropriate risk management. The majority of services and projects that we carry out require the collaboration of teams from different areas; we achieve correct coordination, basing ourselves in the Projects Office and the Customer Office for the services.

Business Analytics

We help you to convert your data into valuable information for the organization through the study, consolidation, transformation and subsequent analysis of your data.

Content, Process & Mobile

The collaboration between people, systems and providers is key for business. We enable the concentration of the content and access to it from all possible channels.

Application Development

We use the most suitable framework for each need, facilitating the combination of different types of development, with multilayer and scalable hybrid architectures.


We develop service levels, microservices and APIs based on standards that enable new integrations and maintenance.

Data Management

We advise you in defining the most suitable road map to address your strategy around the data, basing ourselves on Oracle storage solutions.


We define, install and manage the infrastructure of our customers, in cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments, following the best practices of the industry and Oracle.


We facilitate the management and administration of the infrastructure, the platform and the applications, carrying out all of the operations on centralized management systems.


In all of the projects and services that we perform, we address security in a streamlined way to the other levels of the technology stack of the cloud.

We understand the cloud to be a hybridization of both models: on-premise and public cloud. We believe that the best option for the customer is the combination of both options, as they can go from one to the other transparently and with complete security, according to the needs at that moment, benefiting from the advantages of both.

We provide you with knowledge of all of our technicians to offer you a wide variety of services. Below we will describe the most popular among our customers; don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any other needs.
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