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Starting with actively listening, to understand the needs and specificities of each customer, we look for suitable candidates to cover any technical position.

We understand the market deeply and we have a broad network of IT professionals to satisfy your needs. A trained and qualified team that also has the support of the entire avanttic team.

Our professionals, who we train at avanttic, are highly qualified and specialized. The customer benefits not just from the technical knowledge of the professional team but also of the entire company, since we work is such a way that each professional has a constant support network, comprising colleagues from the same department and experts from other areas of avanttic. This factor, which is key in our Professional Services, sets us apart from other consultancies.

Differential factors

  • Actively listening to guarantee that the professionals adapt 100% to the requirements of the customer
  • Deep knowledge of the IT market thanks to our solid experience across all types of sectors
  • Broad network of experts following year incorporating talent both at avanttic and projects for third parties
  • Efficiency guaranteeing the match between professionals and the companies in which they will carry out their functions
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Keys of success


We believe that people are what make the difference. This is why we carry out thorough and professional recruitment processes, focussing not only on the technical aspects of the candidates but also on their skills and abilities.

We apply the same criteria in our Professional Services as in the recruitment of internal staff for avanttic: carrying out technical tests, personal interviews and ensuring that the candidate fits in with their area of work and with the avanttic team.


Once integrated into the dynamics of the work, our mission is to guarantee a suitable follow-up for the professionals.

We perform a constant, regular and planned follow-up. This responsibility is distributed evenly between our Human Resource department and between the Area Managers. Together we guarantee that the professionals develop and evolve appropriately.


The consultants are integrated not only into their area, but also into their company: avanttic. A key and differential point of or Professional Services is the feeling of belonging of all of our professionals, who we strengthen by offering the same advantages and opportunities as the team that carries out their work in our offices.

Training, access to certificates, team activities… This allows them to have a support network that again contributes to their professional and personal development.

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The avanttic team comprises people from varying profiles and experience, focused on Oracle technologies, whose desire for improvement, effort and resolution in the face of difficulties allows us to always be the ideal team to carry out the current challenges and technological projects.
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Our team of professionals provides a unique perspective, acquired through a broad collaboration with customers and a deep knowledge of Oracle
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