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Advanced Production Services

Ensure the optimum performance, availability and capability of Oracle environments

Oracle support solutions (proactive, preventive and reactive) focusing on the integral and continuous management of your Infrastructure and Platform.

Administration and monitoring services for your Oracle environments: On-premise, on public clouds or hybrids.

Global management, aligned with your IT and business needs which include support and consultancy tasks under the same vision.

Type of services

  • Onsite/remote administration of the Oracle Infrastructure and Platform, either in your offices or remotely
  • Proactive monitoring of your Oracle environments, remotely and with a more efficient methodology
  • Incident resolution support 24/7 and 365 days a year, adapted to the needs of your business
  • Expert services and Projects on production environments, adapted in time and cost to your needs
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Oracle support solutions


Service that includes proactivity and reactivity on your critical systems, regularly accompanied by the avanttic team of engineers.


Service that includes consultancy, proactive and reactive prevention, focused on the key critical systems in your business, which needs continuous accompaniment and attention.

It is aligned with your IT processes and your business needs.

Its content is configurable according to your needs and is based on the avanttic team of engineers.


Service that ensures the operation of Oracle installations that need continuous attention and functioning, and in which downtime has a negative impact on the business.

It provides a highly customized solution adapted to your specificities, aligned with your IT processes and business needs.

It is based on the avanttic team of engineers assigned explicitly to your account.

It is a long distance service focused on the success of your business.

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Ensure the optimum performance, availability and capability of Oracle environments

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