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#smact We prepare organizations for the digital era. Do you want to be next?

Digital transformation is a relentless process of reinvention. An opportunity to develop new competitive, more profitable and sustainable advantages from the implementation of appropriate and efficient technology.

The challenges of the new digital era vary in each organization and sector, but they will always be marked by a specific strategy and aims. To optimize them and to carry them out, we have incorporated the technological facilitators that Oracle has defined as the key levers in addressing digital transformation: SMACT (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, Internet of Things).

Are the people, processes and information in your company interconnected?

Are you taking advantage of the opportunities that mobile devices offer your business?

Do you make decisions based on the analysis and evaluation of data?

Has your company started its journey to the cloud?

Is the Internet of Things also revolutionizing your sector?


We are now more collaborative, dynamic and omnichannel. Have you prepared your team for the new digital era?


Connectivity means having a virtual office anytime and anywhere. Have you mobilized your corporate applications?


Data must be transferred and processed. Do you really get the most out of the information that you generate?


Agile, unlimited and secure. Has your organization developed a strategy towards the cloud?

Internet of Things

Connectors, sensors and smart devices. Have you erased the frontier between the real and the digital?

We connect professionals with #smact technologies (social, mobile, analytics, cloud, things), so that through them organizations begin their journey to becoming digital
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