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In all of the projects and services that we perform, we address security in a streamlined way to the other levels of the technology stack of the cloud.

In a heterogeneous cloud context, with the systems spread between on-premise and cloud domains of different manufacturers, it is essential to have modern monitoring, detection and response systems for security breaches. Oracle has solutions that go from the Cloud Access Security Broker, passing through different cloud monitoring/analytics services, to on-premise and cloud identity management systems.

It is also necessary to protect the information contained on the databases, making them highly available and providing them with recovery plans. Encrypting the information, avoiding unauthorized access and with the ability to audit and detect any incident when it occurs, with the aim of neutralizing or minimizing the damage as much as possible.

We can help you to fulfil the requirements of the new GDPR regulation, through the simplification, effectiveness and speed in the application and use of security policies, without risk to the performance of the systems.

We define, install and configure security models. We carry out security assessments both on the database level and on the Middleware level. We proactively maintain security systems, attending to the notifications and security alerts of the manufacturer.

CABS, Identity, HA&DR, Label Security, Encryption, Audit Vault, Database Firewall

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Oracle Solutions to comply with GDPR

Security Services on your Oracle Platform

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Oracle Solutions to comply with GDPR
Webinar on the security function of Oracle Database to help you to comply with the articles and requirements of the new GDPR
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