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We define, install and manage the infrastructure of our customers, in cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments, following the best practices of the industry and Oracle.

Our experience with the IaaS layer of Oracle Cloud, with Oracle Engineered Systems, as well as with the rest of the Oracle products, will allow us to help you to define, install, manage and operate the infrastructure and platform that best adapts to your needs, installing and configuring the required Oracle products in on-premise, cloud or hybrid architectures.

The knowledge and proven reliability of our technicians in the different Oracle Engineered Systems allows us to deploy in a short space of time, and minimizing risks, new on-premise infrastructures, on the cloud or in the “cloud at customer” mode (infrastructure in cloud format and managed by Oracle, but with the hardware located in the data centre of the customer).

We are experts in Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris, the 2 Oracle operating systems, appropriately configuring them to strengthen their performance when deploying Oracle software on them. As they are based on standards, they will provide you with the robustness and flexibility required for the management and operation of the infrastructure.

Oracle Virtual Machine, in its versions for x86 hardware and for SPARC, is the Oracle solution for virtualizing servers. You can benefit from all the advantages that it provides regarding management and the use of hard partitioning will allow you to adjust the number of cores used by the Oracle software in licences that you have bought.

IaaS, Engineered Systems, Oracle Linux, SPARC/Solaris, Oracle Virtual Machine

  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Oracle VM 3
  • Oracle Linux 6
  • Installation SVC Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Installation SVC Oracle Zero Data Loss and Recovery Appliance
  • Installation SVC Oracle Private Cloud Appliance
  • Installation SVC Oracle Database Appliance
  • Installation SVC SPARC T7 Servers
  • Installation SVC Fujitsu M10
  • Oracle Solaris
  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Oracle x86 Systems
  • Oracle SPARC Servers
  • NAS Storage
  • Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance
  • StorageTek Tape Storage
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The business of ESADE are students and the entire Academic Management is based on Oracle, an architecture that provides us with high availability, redundancy and business continuity. We have consolidated the structure upon which we can now build and support other applications that provide more value to the business.
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