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We use the most suitable framework for each need, facilitating the combination of different types of development, with multilayer and scalable hybrid architectures.

Cloud Development: We create applications under the new development and configuration paradigm based on the Oracle Cloud PaaS, combining different services to construct more complete solutions. Without the need to use heavy IDE’s to develop, with easy management of environments and promotion among them.

JavaScript & Java Development: We develop web and mobile applications with Javascript, more modern in the front-end part and which improve the performance and the user experience. Development of desktop, web and mobile Java applications that contain a large part of the business logic in the back-end and which facilitate its maintenance. We develop the presentation layer which is always based on HTML5 and CSS3. We generate reusable components and service consumption APIs to access back-end data.

PL/SQL Development, APEX, Forms & Reports: We construct applications to manage data stored on Oracle Database, using RAD tools that are simple and user-friendly. Understanding the possibilities that the database offers allows us to construct business solutions where the efficient processing of the data takes precedence, programming the business rules to achieve optimum performance in PL/SQL.

Quality Assurance: Whatever the development framework is, the developed applications go through quality controls based on the automation of tests, with the aim of reducing coding defects to a minimum.

Application Builder, ADF, Java & JavaScript, JET, Forms & Reports, APEX, PL/SQL

  • Cloud Native Applications on Oracle Cloud
  • Dev Ops on Oracle Cloud
  • Oracle Application Development Framework 12c
  • Java Platform, Standard Edition 8
  • Oracle WebLogic Server 12c
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