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Managed Development Services

Outsource your development needs with confidence. We guarantee flexibility and scalability to be able to absorb any increase in service demand.

We offer our services onsite or from our own offices, always incorporating the ITL methodology that we adapt to the specific needs of each customer. The avanttic technical team, 100% specialized in Oracle and trained and certified, allows us to work on any of the multiple Oracle technologies. Thanks to this specialization, as well as our internal structure and volume of employees, we guarantee flexibility and the possibility to scale any managed development service. In addition, we can scale incidents from an Advanced Production Service (APS), with the same team of professionals.

Our experience provides us with a broad knowledge of the environments of the customers, and we have 24/7 support services for maximum reliability.

Our solutions

  • Reactive support to restore the service in the event of an incident, 24/7 if required
  • Corrective developments to resolve problems in the developments underlying the incidents
  • Evolutionary developments that allow the functions of the developments and applications to be improved and broadened
  • Software factory and technical Offices on multiple languages and Oracle technologies
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Contract Manager

avanttic assigns a Contract Manager who will be responsible for global management of the service and integral follow-up of the provision of the committed services.

The Contract Manager also acts as the main interlocutor with the customer.

Service Manager

The lead the global management of capacity, control and quality of the service provided. Collaborating closely with the customer, they are responsible for the daily management of the operation.

They are responsible for the general technical coordination (they supervise the progress of the activities of the team, certify the end of each one of the milestones of the service, control the quality and continuous development of the project, manage invoicing, etc.).

They are the key interlocutor, participating in the Follow-up Committees and presenting service reports, risks/contingency plans and changes.

Project Coordinator

The key piece in achieving the objectives marked out in each of the projects. The role may be shared between a resource of the customer and an avanttic resource.

Their main responsibility is creating the link between the customer and avanttic in daily operations.

They coordinate the avanttic team, assume analytical tasks, work estimation, supervision and approval of calendars and control an review of the service level agreements.

They act as the main interlocutor with the customer’s development team. The present to the Follow-up Committees, they are also responsible for the follow-up reports and planning.

Application Development

Development frameworks

Developer Cloud Services

Proactive monitoring of your Oracle environments, remotely and with the most efficient methodology: 24x7, 365 days a year, adapting to the needs of your business.
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