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At avanttic we offer

Internal Training

Your colleagues and technical references share your knowledge via webinars and small format courses.

External Training

We invest in you so that you are always technically up to date, in languages and personal skills.


If you want to be 100% Oracle you can obtain the certificates that endorse your specialization beyond your daily functions.

Flexible Hours

You can adjust your working day according to your personal needs.

Work Remotely

There is the possibility of working from home to help your work/life balance.

Intensive Workdays

During the summer months you can concentrate your working day.

Flexible Remuneration

Healthcare plan, childcare benefits, training related to the work position and in English. Decide and reduce your IRPF.


We compensate your for participating in our blog, sharing information, organizing avanttic_lives activities and recommending profiles to incorporate the organization.

Healthy Breakfasts

We offer water, free coffee and fruit for breaks and team moments.

Would you like to work at avantttic?

When you identify with the values of a company it is easy to transmit them. Having the trust of your colleagues, participating in the growth of the company, coming to work with enthusiasm because you believe in what you are doing. For me this is what avanttic means.
Miriam Marín
Recruitment and Development of People Area
The dedication, enthusiasm and passion of the People Department have been key elements in the growth of this great family that we comprise at avanttic.
Diana Pujagut
People Department Manager
For me avanttic symbolizes growth and team, where we all join together to reach our goals with optimism and strength. Always bold and willing to take on any challenge.
Irene Soler
Recruitment and Development of People Area
We are “Recruitment and People”... the closest team to each one of the parties; this is our way of maintaining the pulse of this “great family”.
Sonsoles Moreno
Recruitment and Development of People Area
Our mission: For you to fit in with our team and with the philosophy of the company. Our result: We make up the best team of people to take on the best technological problems.
Rebeca Guillén
Recruitment and Development of People Area
Attitude, passion and specialization
Our team of professionals provides a unique perspective, acquired through a broad collaboration with customers and a deep knowledge of Oracle
Evolución, innovación y transformación
37 Service Expertise avalados por Oracle 
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