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avanttic_lives, the other side of specialization

avanttic_lives (ecological, healthy, solidary & team) is the most socially-focused loudspeaker of the company and of the people who are part of it. It exists thanks to the will of the employees to contribute in different social activities, creating a network of shared experiences which as well as strengthening ties amongst themselves has positive repercussions on society.

Since the birth of avanttic_lives (in late 2015) we have carried out more than 100 actions. In 2019 we decided to unify all those that have a solidarity component through our “avanttic Solidarity Challenge” with which we raise funds for NGOs using the platform Mi Grano de Arena.

This is the philosophy and lifestyle of avanttic_lives:


All of our activities are team-based, whenever we can link them to any of the other parts of avanttic_lives. Feeling part of a team is vital for the avanttic_team, it helps us to grow and encourages an unbeatable environment!


We want to contribute to improving our environment and we carry out campaigns in the offices to make the avanttic_team aware of the importance and the impact that we all have on the environment.


We like to eat healthily and do sport. We offer fruit at breakfast and we organize football, basketball and paddle tennis matches so the avanttic_team is also a healthy team.


If one thing sets the avanttic_team apart it is the desire to help others. We organize and participate in fund-raising activities for NGOs and children’s foundations.

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