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At avanttic, we are committed to continued training policies, career plans and work/life balance plans, to encourage an enriching coexistence with the company

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The growth of the human team at avanttic is based on uniting business opportunities with your professional dreams. Transparency and trust are vital in achieving this.

We look for the match between your soft profile and your hard profile. Taking part in our recruitment processes are people development experts, technical specialists and area managers to guarantee a fit with the position, project, team, customer and the avanttic culture.

As part of the team you will receive reception plans and personal monitoring to facilitate your adaptation and a subsequent career at avanttic.

We have the HappyIndex®AtWork certification. Completely based on employee feedback, this certification recognizes companies based on employees’ motivation and happiness.

These are the results of our HappyIndex®AtWork certification- Spain – 2020:

  • Overall score: 4,05 out of 5 (the minimum to achieve the certification in 2020 is 3.81)
  • Recommendation rate: 79% (the minimum for 2020 is 60%)
  • Participation: 60.4% (the minimum is 50%)

+200 professionals

with a common purpose

+80 annual training programs

both internal and external

+125 passed exams

related to certifications

+600 annual hours

of personal follow-up

We understand social responsibility as a global commitment advance together towards sustainability
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