• 27th March, 2019
  • avanttic
  • Publication
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As every year, the magazine ComputerWorld has published its prestigious ranking with the 100 IT companies with the highest turnover in Spainavanttic, with a turnover of 12 million in 2018, appears at number 83 in the list.

avanttic has earned more than 9% growth in turnover compared to last year, above the sector average (one of the conclusions of the ranking is that the IT sector in Spain is no longer experiencing exaggerated curves and has stabilised at a growth rate of more than 3%).

Similarly, the growth of the avanttic team from 160 professionals in 2017 to 180 by the end of 2018 (+12.5%) also stands out.

The magazine published the list along with the opinion of the directors of several companies in the IT industry, from heads of business schools and leaders of large businesses in the IT sector.

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