• 30th October, 2019
  • Mónica Esteve
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On October 30, the Oracle Modern Cloud Day 2019 was held at the MunicipalCongress Center in Madrid (IFEMA). This year, Oracle decided to open the doors of Cloud Day to other business lines, linked to customer experience and business areas. To do this, after the plenary session that housed more than 1,200 people, three differentiated tracks were established, each related to an area of ​​interest:

  • Modern Cloud Day (#OracleMCD)
  • Modern CX Summit (#OracleCXS)
  • Modern Business Summit- Finance and Human Resources (#OracleMBS)

avanttic participated this year as a Platinum Sponsor of the event, with its own stand in the networking area, where you could enjoy a new augmented reality experience. Through an application developed by avanttic with Oracle Jet, to which an augmented reality plug-in has been added, the user had to place and search for the 3D avanttic logo, move it and modify it as many times as he wanted. If he pressed the button hidden in it, he received a random prize, delivered to the stand itself.

After the welcome of Leopoldo Boado, Iberia Country Manager Leader, gave way to the Keynote Inspirational, this year by the head of the series script “Lacasa de papel” who wanted to explain how the series has had an unexpected success due partly to the technological era that proposes other types of entertainment and that allows to overcome borders.

Then, in the same plenary session, several presentations of relevant digital transformation projects were made. These include the presentation of our client Vodafone, where Kyriakos Exadaktylos, Head of Networks Standards, Technology Strategy & Architecture, explained the SmartWatch SUB2 project, a smart watch whose application was developed together with avanttic. The objective of the project was to optimize the runners’ time in a marathon, in order to reduce the mark to less than two hours and be able to register a new world record. The application is part of a digital platform that is capable of collecting all the data of the corridor and the environment (body temperature, heart rate, humidity, asphalt conditions, distance traveled, speed …), to know what your body experiences at all times . All these data are analyzed in real time, which favors making decisions to improve the race and even serves coaches to plan improvements and thus optimize performance.


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