• Museu Es Baluard
    Plaça de la Porta de Santa Catalina, 10 - Palma
  • 25th February, 2020
  • 09:00 to 12:00
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On 25 February we disembarked in Palma de Mallorca to take part in the next stop of the ‘Tour’ on the Oracle Autonomous Database. At this executive breakfast we presented our clients in Palma with the new Oracle Autonomous DatabaseAutonomous Database, the first self-managed database on the market, offers a qualitative jump with regards to those prior to it: Through the incorporation of Machine Learning, the database learns to self-manage, autonomously, eliminating errors as well as achieving unprecedented availability, performance and security.

The event took place at Es Baluard, the modern and contemporary art museum with views overlooking the bay of Palma, which our clients had the chance to visit after the event.

With a large attendance, Javier Barrio, avanttic’s Sales Director, gave a brief introduction of the company in which he spoke about our cloud packaged services, created in order to deploy solutions on the cloud in a matter of a few weeks.

Following this, Mar Montalvo, Oracle Analytics Business Development Manager, spoke about Oracle’s Autonomous strategy, and how the new database enhances analytical settings.

Jesús GuerraOracle Technology Pre-Sales, highlighted the main technical qualities of this database, focusing on sourcing, security, self-management of updates, pay-per-use and the lowering of costs. He also highlighted that the new database is formed of Autonomous Transaction Processing, to be able to respond to millions of transactions and Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW), for analytical settings.

To conclude the event, Raúl CotrinaSales Specialist at avanttic, explained various situations of use in which avanttic has been involved with different clients, based on:

  • Analytical setting for Query offloading
  • IoT bulk uploads
  • DWH migration to Cloud
  • Transactional DB migration to Autonomous
  • Notebooks for advanced analytics

If you would like more information on the event, or if you have any questions regarding the Oracle Autonomous Database, do not hesitate to write to us at comercial@avanttic.interficie.com.


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