• Hotel Meliá Castilla
    Poeta Joan Maragall, 43 28020 Madrid
  • 4th December, 2019
  • 09:00 to 12:00
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This December the  4th,  we have organized at the Hotel Meliá Castilla in Madrid the event “Take advantage of the potential of data: new infrastructure for new challenges”, a working breakfast and in which we have had a good number of attendees, as well as with the Collaboration of some of our clients.

Javier Barrio, Commercial Director of avanttic, has been in charge of presenting and introducing the speakers, as well as making a brief presentation of our company.

Miguel Regidor, Oracle’s Principal Sales Consultant, has explained the evolution of the company that is causing the data to become increasingly important and, in fact, are being considered as a new currency. Miguel has detailed the consequences of the explosion of data in the labor market, demanding new and different profiles. He has also talked about security considerations and the need for new specialized infrastructures, such as Exadata, that can facilitate the storage and optimization of huge amounts of data. Finally, he talked about the impact of 5G and the new communications technologies.

Jorge Rodríguez, Head of BBDD at BNP Paribas, explained his experience with Exadata. They originally acquired two equipment in 2012, migrating from traditional infrastructure and currently have six machines; They plan to acquire two more in 2021. Their commitment to Exadata comes from the fact that the architecture based on separate servers and storage did not allow the growth demanded by their business. Exadata has provided optimizations and features not available with other equipment and has reduced support incidents by having a single HW and SW provider. It has also allowed it to reduce costs both in the acquisition part, due to the optimization of the use of licenses, and in the operation of the systems.

Ignacio Sanz, Customer Office Manager at avanttic, has described the use case of another of our clients, an insurance company, with Exadata technology, which has resulted in spectacular performance improvements as well as a significant cost reduction. Ignacio has also summarized the operation services that avanttic is performing on the client and has described our catalog of Advanced Production Services.

Pedro Yagüe, Solution Sales Specialist en avanttic, has detailed the news that Oracle announced in OpenWorld 2019 about Engineered Systems. Most of the presentation has focused on the two Exadata models presented during 2019, Exadata X8 and X8M, but has also described the characteristics of the new ZDLRA (Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance), BDA (Big Data Appliance) models and PCA (Private Cloud Appliance), Oracle equipment optimized for database protection, deployment of Hadoop-type environments and virtualized environments.


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