• Madrid (05/11/19) - Barcelona (14/11/19)
  • 14th November, 2019
  • avanttic
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In recent years the way to develop software has evolved: new patterns, new architectures and new technologies such as cloud and microservices. But how do I develop now and deploy the software? How do I handle the point-to-point cycle of data analysis, from the origin of the idea to the creation of models and graphs that have value? DevOps and DataOps are the answer.

In our last #avanttic_meetup (held on November 5 in Madrid and November 14 in Barcelona) we approach this new reality by sharing a business case based on the problem of an ecommerce during Black Friday. We saw how to respond to the need to perform real-time analytics, with Machine Learning, to launch additional offers or promotions to certain buyers and thus just encouraged to process your shopping cart. We designed a cloud services architecture based on the story of your problem and showed the implementation of the proposed architecture using Oracle Cloud services, making available to the attendees a resource kit consisting of videos and scripts so that each of them could review it calmly after. During the technical session, the videos were reviewed and a microservice that extracted data (JSON) from Oracle Autonomous Database was deployed through the Developer Cloud Service using ORDS.

All attendees received an always free subscription to Oracle Cloud and we have created a distribution list for meetup participants to receive support from avanttic specialists in the use of Oracle Cloud.

The theoretical part was in charge of Borja Gómez, Business Development Cloud Innovation at Oracle, Guillermo Best, Cloud Platform Presales Manager, and David Pérez, Area Manager at avanttic (SEE PRESENTATION)). The practical part was directed by Samuel Campos, Avanttic Solutions Specialist (SEE PRESENTATION).

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