• 8th May, 2020
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We just become the first Oracle partner in the world to obtain the Expertise in Oracle Cloud Platform Integration. This achievement proves that avanttic has the knowledge and capacity to help companies to simplify the way in which they construct integrations in the cloud, enabling them to securely connect to applications and services both in the cloud and on-premise.

Since our foundation in 2009, we have positioned ourself as a “100% Oracle” partner. Now we start our path of Expertise in Oracle’s Modern OPN, presented at the end of last year.

We renewed our commitment with Oracle in December 2019 as one of the first partners in the world to adapt to the new OPN and we have been worked since then on obtaining several Expertises in the Cloud Service Track (for partners who implement, deploy and manage Oracle cloud services). We also opted for the Cloud Sell Track (for those who resell Oracle Cloud products) and License & Hardware Track (for partners who build, provide services or sell Oracle software and hardware).

At this time, only 10 partners worldwide have Expertises in the Cloud Track Service.

Our alignment with Oracle comes from the beginning of avanttic. We joined Oracle’s PartnerNetwork Specialized program at its outset (in late 2009) in the Gold category. In January 2012 we moved up to the Platinum category and in 2016 we were the first partner in Spain to be recognised by Oracle within the cloud certification program (Oracle PartnerNetwork Cloud Program). We obtained the Platinum Partner Cloud Select EMEA designation in 2019.

In the ten-year history of the “Classic OPN”, we obtained 42 specializations. On three occasions we were the first partner in the world to obtain them and the first in Spain on eight other occasions.

Now, wiht the Expertise in Oracle Cloud Platform Integration, we continue to advance in our specialization, already fully integrated into the new OPN


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