• 4th March, 2020
  • avanttic
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Following years of experience in Oracle Systems and Technology (On-Premise and IaaS/PaaS), we are ending the cycle of our Oracle services, offering solutions for Oracle CX Cloud, to support and advise our clients in the management of their own clients’ life cycles.

Following a decade of specialisation, in which Oracle, on a number of occasions, has recognised our work in Oracle Cloud IaaS/PaaS (in 2018 we were named the best IaaS partner in the world and in 2019 the best EMEA in IaaS & PaaS partner of the year), we are now completing our proposal by offering SaaS solutions and services, as always opting for Oracle technology.

Oracle CX offers the tools and avanttic the analysis of the customer journey, the advice and support in the process in order to create unique customer experiences.

Thanks to our new offer based on Oracle CX solutions, we help companies place the customer in the centre of their whole journey, from the generation of leads to sales, customer services and every step in-between. Making the most of data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, individualised experiences are achieved in order to understand the customers and interact with them in the best possible way and at the most appropriate time in order to satisfy their needs. Using automation tools for marketing, predictive analysis, united sales solutions, self-service and multi-channels for customer service, chatbots… we make the experiences truly unique.

Data is at the core of all companies and knowing how to capitalise on it is the key to transforming the way in which any business connects with its clients. avanttic is beginning its immersion in SaaS services in order to help businesses to have a clear vision of investment return, connect with their customers’ journeys and speed up transformation with the help of Oracle CX.

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