• 31st July, 2020
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For the third time in recent months we have become the first partner worldwide to achieve another Oracle’s Expertise: Oracle Cloud Platform Content & Experience.

Oracle Content and Experience (OCE) is a completely cloud-based tool for managing business content and information. This achievement proves that avanttic is capable of carrying out all kinds of developments on Oracle Content & Experience, which can be used not only as a content / documentary repository, but also as a contribution, personalization and creation website tool.

At the beginning of May we announced that avanttic was the first global partner to achieve the Expertise in Oracle Cloud Platform Integration and just fifteen days later we did the same with the Expertise in Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud. Now, we already have 3 of the new Oracle certifications (all of them within the “Cloud Service” track).

The new specialization program (Modern Oracle PartnerNetwork) has three diferent tracks:

  • Cloud Sell:designed for partners that resell Oracle Cloud Technology on Oracle’s behalf..
  • Cloud Service: designed for partners that implement, deploy and manage Oracle Cloud Services.
  • License & Hardware: designed for partners who either build, service, or sell Oracle software licenses or hardware products.

Within each track, partners demonstrate our knowledge, skills and experience through the new “Expertise” (replacing the old “Specializations”).

To achieve this new Expertise avanttic met a series of requirements:

  • Having several specialized professionals among its personnel with various profiles (Implementation Specialist, Cloud Solutions Architect, Project Manager, Support Specialist).
  • Have passed different certification exams
  • demonstrating two successful implementations of services related to this Expertise, validated through customer satisfaction surveys.
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