avanttic has done a remarkable job investing in Cloud technologies in the last years to successfully transform their customers business. Historically a very strong Middleware partner, they now have become our best PaaS partner globally, as they received the Global PaaS Award during OpenWorld 2018. Having seen Avanttic growing their business, I am very proud of their evolution and their push for innovation. Avanttic is certainly an example on how a partner can become a global reference and example by focusing on innovation and customer success
Javier Torres
Vice President of Alliances and Channels, Europe Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific at Oracle
avanttic has been aligned from the first moment with Oracle's cloud strategy. Their 100% Oracle specialization and commitment to digital transformation over the last years, has made them the first partner in Spain to be recognized by Oracle in their new cloud certification program (Oracle Partner Network Cloud Program). This level of specialization allows avanttic to offer differential solutions to their customers which will facilitate their cloud transformation
Félix del Barrio
Vice President Information Security and System Management, Oracle EMEA
avanttic is one of the leading European partners adapting PaaS. Resulting in customer mobile projects build on the Oracle cloud. avanttic an Oracle Platinum partner is key for our joint PaaS and Middleware success in Spain. avanttic have proven cutting edge projects with the latest Oracle Technology and their contribution to the Community. avanttic was awarded to their mobile contribution 2016 and 2018 during our Community Forum
Jürgen Kress
PaaS Partner Adoption Oracle EMEA
As an Oracle Platinum partner, avanttic has reached an impressive number of Specializations, bringing the breadth and depth of skills to help customers successfully migrating to cloud and accelerating their innovations. It is not a surprise that Avanttic has been awarded very recently our Customer Advocacy 2017 award, in Madrid for incredible work supporting customers going live on cloud. We are very excited by the fast development of the cloud business together
Miguel Salgado
Iberia Alliances & Channel Leader at Oracle
There is nothing that deceives us more than our own judgment when used to give an opinion on our own works. It is sound in judging the work of our enemies but not that of our friends
Leonardo Da Vinci
At avanttic, however, we prefer to surround ourselves with good friends...
avanttic is a very important and strategic partner for us in the mobile space. They have been delivering innovative solutions to our joint customers and are deeply engaged at a product level as part of the advisory board. They bring strong mobile expertise, application design and implementation skills and provide great support to their customers. The implementation with IFC for a mobile app for their sales team integrated with Siebel has been very successful and adopted by IFC sales team to great results.
Suhas Uliyar
VP Bots AI and Mobile Product Management at Oracle
avanttic have been leading the charge with mobile in Western Europe and are one of the first implementers of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service in the region. Having a strong partner community is essential for our mobile outreach and with avanttic already proving their technical skills in a live implementation we know we have that strong regional partner support for our mobile customers.
Grant Ronald
Director of Product Management at Oracle
avanttic has shown a clear commitment with Oracle technologies and solutions in the last few years. The extraordinary focus that this company has demonstrated with Oracle Middleware and Oracle Data Base has deserved our recognition as Specialized Partner of the Year in Spain in three different years and a wider recognition during OpenWorld 2016, when it received the EMEA Middleware Specialized Oracle Partner Excellence Award. We are very proud of our relationship with avanttic and we are sure that the win-win relationship established among the two companies will last along the years to come.
Leopoldo Boado
SVP Applications Europe
Congratulations to avanttic for achieving a 2016 Oracle Excellence Award for Specialized Partner of the Year - EMEA in Middleware. This award recognizes avanttic’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions and is a true testament to their dedication to excellence in providing customers solutions and services that drive real business value and results.
Jean-Marc Gottero
Vice President, Cloud and Industry Sales EMEA at Oracle
avanttic es uno de los socios más activos de la Asociación de Usuarios de Oracle en España, involucrado desde CUORE y siendo partícipe en 2014 del cambio de nombre a SPOUG (Spain Oracle Users Group) desde su involucración en la Junta Directiva, papel que sigue activo en la actualidad. Conocedora del valor de una asociación, colabora en todas las actividades de forma proactiva y ofrece un apoyo inestimable que nos permite crecer conjuntamente. Agradecemos su ayuda e inversión tanto económica como de tiempo y personas, que nos permite desarrollar las diferentes iniciativas que lideramos.
Pedro Robledo
Manager of SPOUG (Spain Oracle Users Group)
Desde la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, agradecemos a avanttic su mecenazgo para la creación inicial y el mantenimiento, durante ya tantos años, del Aula SMACT, alrededor de la tecnología de Oracle, con todo su conjunto de actividades académicas y su apoyo en la organización de eventos. Orgullosos como estamos de nuestra asociación intelectual, nos congratulamos de sus nuevos logros, certificaciones, premios… y de sus éxitos, crecimiento y proyección. ¡Enhorabuena!
Macario Polo
Director Aula SMACT, Escuela Superior de Informática, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
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