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Würth España is digitizing its product catalogue with Oracle Mobile Application Development Framework (ADF) technology

With a sales network of more than 1,600 professionals and a product line with 100,000 references, Würth’s main sales tool was its catalogue, which it traditionally had in physical format. The development of a new multichannel tool allowed us to facilitate sales, save on costs and to increase the productivity and quality of the service.

Thanks to avanttic and its development of our mobile solutions through Oracle ADF Mobile development Framework we estimate that our rapid sales have increased sales by 10%.
Xavier Masats
  • Location: Barcelona / Madrid, Spain
  • Turnover: 208 million euros
  • Sector: Industrial
  • Employees: 2158
Immediate and secure access to the content of the catalogue both online and offline
Würth España needed to increase the productivity of its sales force without losing its traditional direct connection with the customer. The aim was to reach a solution that allowed them to collect orders anytime and anywhere without the need for intermediaries. To achieve this, avanttic developed an easy to use mobile application with a dynamic interface that allowed the sales team to have all of the content on their iOS and Android devices. Contents that could also be consulted offline, thanks to an authentication process through which the entire catalogue could be downloaded.

Integrated Oracle Solutions

  • Oracle JDeveloper
  • Oracle ADF
  • Oracle WebCenter Content
  • ADF Mobile
  • Oracle WebLogic Server
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