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avanttic is developing a mobile app to increase efficiency of the Cantabria Labs sales team

A mobile app on the cloud allowed the more than 100 sales representatives to automate the recording and sending of information, both online and offline. A solution that they could use from anywhere, including remote hospitals with no internet connection.

With Oracle Mobile Cloud Services we have created a mobile application to boost efficiency and effectiveness. Now, our commercial team spends less time on administrative tasks and can focus on what it does best: selling.
Jorge Mariscal
Operating Systems Manager
  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Turnover: <100 million euros
  • Sector: Pharmaceutical
  • Employees: 400
Available for the entire team in less than three months
The mobile application was implemented on iOS and Android. In less than three months 100% of the sales team was already using the new solution on their mobile devices.

Integrated Oracle Solutions

  • Oracle Mobile Cloud Services
  • Oracle Mobile Application Framework
“With this solution Cantabria Labs modernized the working style of its sales team.”
Mónica Esteve, Business Development Manager
Evolution, innovation and transformation
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