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avanttic guarantees the continuity of services of the council with a backup data centre

The Ajuntament de Girona (Girona City Council) manages the civil processes of more than 95,000 inhabitants. Citizen registrations, trade registrations, administrative processes, municipal finances… Sensitive data essential to the daily operations of the council and which requires high availability.

With Oracle GoldenGate we have established a recovery centre which allows us to continue to offer our main services and to recover stored data in case of possible disasters.
Jacint Paredes
IT Manager
  • Location: Girona, Spain
  • Inhabitants: 99,000
  • Sector: Public
  • Employees: 1041
A backup data centre geographically separated from the primary centre
Copies of 50 of a total of 150 virtual servers on which the main citizen services are made and a copy of more than 100 TB of data is also made, including civil registers and information related to their administrative processes. To guarantee the security and accessibility of all replicated data, the backup copy is located in the police headquarters, one kilometre from the Council Building. The result: an almost instantaneous data recovery is guaranteed in the event of any problem in the primary data centre.

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