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The Ajuntament de Sant Just Desvern (Sant Just Desvern Town Council) was the first in Spain to use the Oracle Chatbot Cloud Service to improve communication with its citizens

The pioneer chatbot of the council allows citizens to streamline the management of appointments and to process citizen registrations.

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service made the use of chatbots possible, which allowed us to take one of the most important steps in the digital transformation of the public administration, facilitating the opening of digital communication through already existing channels that are common among citizens. By installing the chatbots, we could talk to the citizens though their preferred and most familiar channel, with great ease and without the risk of excluding anyone.
Pere Galindo
IT Technician
  • Location: Sant Just Desvern, Spain
  • Inhabitants: 17,201
  • Sector: Public
  • Employees: 184
“Almost” human communication
The smart chatbots are automated conversation programs that, thanks to artificial intelligence, simulate the behaviour of communicating with a real person. Recent advances in Machine Learning allow these programs to learn from accumulated experience, providing more and more precise and correct answers.

Integrated Oracle Solutions

  • Oracle Autonomous Mobile Cloud enteprise
  • Intelligent Bots
  • Oracle Database
“The implemented solution facilitated citizens’ access to the services and reduced call centre waiting times”
Diego Fernández, Account Manager
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