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We are an IT services consultancy company specializing entirely in Oracle technology, which is part of the Spanish multinational Grupo CMC.

At avanttic, we help organizations to implement and manage advanced technologies, transforming them into more efficient and competitive entities. We conduct projects on all layers of Infrastructure and Platform, implementing and managing high-quality and specialized solutions and services, both On-premise and on the Cloud.

Since its foundation in 2009, avanttic has been a high-quality and specialized consultancy, 100% focused on Oracle technology. After more than a decade of activity we continue to strengthen these two pillars every day, together with our values: the vocation of helping customers, a commitment to the professional and human development of the team and the management of knowledge to encourage creativity, passion and growth.

In March 2021 avanttic has been integrated into the Spanish technology multinational Grupo CMC. The Grupo CMC (Cognicase Management Consulting) has been operating in Spain since 1993 providing management consulting services and offering solutions within the world of Information and Communication Technologies. CMC operates throughout the national territory through offices in Madrid, Sevilla, Barcelona, Bilbao, Zaragoza and Palma de Mallorca. Internationally, the group, immersed in an ambitious expansion plan, is already present in Italy, Portugal, Mexico and Colombia. From avanttic we bring our 100% Oracle expertise transversally to all business units and vertically to all sectors in which CMC operates, both inside Spain and abroad. Our specialization in Oracle technology and solutions is a natural complement to CMC’s solid proposal, to continue accompanying its customers and ours in their digitization strategies.

Committed to continuous improvement and the pursuit of delivering the highest possible quality in the services provided in avanttic we have the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001 – Ensures our compliance with quality standards and reinforces our commitment to meet customer expectations and needs (Quality Policy).
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 – Guarantees compliance with the processes necessary for the effective provision of IT managed services (Service Management Policy).
  • ISO 27001 – Guarantees compliance with information security standards in the provision of our services, through the implementation of our Information Security Management System (Security Policy).
  • ISO 33001:2015 – Contributes to improve the quality of software development, achieving greater organizational maturity).
With offices in Barcelona and Madrid, we work passionately in what we know best: helping organizations to take on new challenges with agile methodologies and appropriate technological solutions.
In addition to our specialization, we differentiate ourselves from other IT companies because of the importance we attach to the People Department. At avanttic the consultants are the main engine for innovation and development.


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31 Service Expertise within the new Oracle Partners program (9 Expertise within the Cloud Service Track and another 22 Expertise within the License & Hardware Service Track)

avanttic is part of 'RED Expert Alliance' (REAL), a collaboration network between Oracle expert companies
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31 Service Expertise avalados por Oracle 
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