Planet or plastic?

The image attached in this post reflects perfectly the incoherent and even ironic behavior that we people usually have. As it can be appreciated, in the picture appears a magazine from National Geographic warning about the damage plastic causes to our planet, but it is perfectly wrapped up in two unnecessary plastic bags. Obviously, the magazine got criticized for that and they surely realized it wasn’t a really lucid action.

Many times, most of us behave similar as the famous magazine. We all like clean woods, crystal water beaches and mountains full of wild animals, but at the same time we refuse to take little actions that could help this desire of a clean planet come true. Usually, the problem is that we don’t get any warning about the incoherencies of our conducts, at least, not as notorious as National Geographic’s.


In my case, it was a trip that I took some months ago what opened my eyes and made me start thinking about the impact my life had on this planet. Being in Indonesia, beautiful country with paradisiac beaches and abundant nature, I encountered with some behaviors that really shocked me. People there threw thousands of plastic objects into their own beaches, polluting them to the point that in some you couldn’t even take a bath. Others, with less access to the sea, burnt directly the waste on their own gardens. Witnessing this made me think: aren’t you the same as them, using all those single-use plastics, difficult or even impossible to recycle?


From that moment, I took the decision of reducing, as much as I could, the impact that my relatively short existence has on the planet. For now, I’m still taking the first steps: using a crystal water bottle, not using any plastic straws to drink… Little actions that, despite not looking like much, can make a huge difference for the planet. In these terms, I decided to propose to the avanttic_lives commission the option of stop using plastic cups to drink water in the office, and I was extremely happy when they announced that the measure would be carried out. Besides, the decision is taken on a key moment since the past 25 of October, the European Union decided to pull ahead with the total prohibition of single-use plastics: plastic cups, straws, ear sticks, plastic plates…


Summering up, everyone is free to take the decisions they want referring to their plastic usage, but I encourage you to think about that beach, that wood or that mountain that might have fascinated you sometime and what future you want for it. I guess we would all get to the same conclusion: a clean, plastic-free future, in which it can continue to be the natural paradise it has always been.

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