Speed Dating: small empowerment dates

On Thursday, July 18, a Speed Dating event organized by Barcelona Activa and Barcelona Digital Talent took place in Sónar+D. A professional event of the most avant-garde and based on the format of the “express appointments”, held in a very attractive space and set with music that encouraged good feelings between companies and participants.


Having previously submitted a presentation from the company, as soon as we arrived, we were notified that avanttic was the company that had more interviews requested. Moreover, after a presentation by my partner Miriam Marín, even more candidates wanted to meet us and interview us (no one better than her to make these presentations). So, between the candidates who had already shown their interest and those who “joined at the last minute,” we were conducting interviews for 3 hours. Quick and simple interviews, which should not last more than 10 minutes per person, and that allowed us to create a good complicity with all those who came to our table, number 4.


We recognize it, we didn’t go with a clear and specific goal. What began as a speed dating ended up becoming “small empowerment dates“. It was something that came naturally, spontaneously and without forcing it. It all came about two simple questions: “What makes you happy?” and “What do you value about a company?”


In all the conversations the importance of the human factor in the company as an enhancer of good teamwork and the work environment were highlighted, which was clearly aligned with our values: to go beyond the professional. These interviews, although being short, helped us to reach out to all these people: to know who they were, to see what they were interested in, to find out if we had illusions in common and whether it was possible to reach them together.


Beyond getting the “match”, we enjoyed the experience of discovering and sharing our passions: those of all who came to our table (finding out what really inspires them) and our own (as people, and as avanttic’s professionals).

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