Row Banding with Forms 12c

One of the new functionalities of the Forms 12c version, is the possibility of customizing at the configuration level the colors of the objects of our forms screens (customColorScheme). One of the utilities of this new functionality allows us that the multi-register blocks are painted with different colors in an alternate way. A typical pijama paper.

We will explain what is necessary for the multi-register blocks to inherit this functionality, which, although simple, in my view is interesting from the point of view of the Look & Feel of our applications. All this without the need to program a line of code in our forms.


Next, step by step:


  1. Include in the .dat file the color you want (in the example below, the color Scheme = TEAL has been used and modified).












As you can see, the highlight color we have indicated on the property colorScheme.formsdemo.pinstripe1 with  RGB 0xF5F5F5 (light grey) and with colorScheme.formsdemo.pinstripe2 with RGB 0xFFFFFF (white).


  1. In the file .cfg we change the parameter customColorScheme in the following way: customColorScheme=demoavanttic.


And finally highlight that:

  • Activation / deactivation of this functionality is done at design time.
  • To activate it in our blocks: the value of the BackGroundColor properties, both of the block and of the items of our forms, must be default.
  • To deactivate: simply assign the default value in the BackGroundColor properties to the block or item.Añadir también que el Row Banding sólo es apreciable en tiempo de ejecución.
  • Add also that the Row Banding is only noticeable at runtime.


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