Oracle’s Top 10 Cloud Predictions: Customer Experience Evolution with AI

Today we want to talk about the prediction number 3 of the report Oracle’s Top 10 Cloud Predictions.


Prediction Number 3
100 percent of enterprise applications will include some form of AI.

Users live part of their time in a digital world, this is a categorical truth that makes companies reflect on how to interact with their customers, whether future or current. There is a study that says that “85% of Spanish people have internet and we spend an average of 3 hours a day interacting in social networks”, this makes the digital world a showcase with a lot of value for brands.


Competition and disruption, words that come together to understand the digital evolution of companies that must provide differentiating values not to be left behind.




Better customer services, personalized marketing with algorithms, greater usability of eCommerce, give the Customer Experience tools an important place in the interaction of users with artificial intelligence. Companies evolve by understanding their customers and applying tools and technology to their service.


Using tools such as Oracle Eloqua for marketing automation and customization, Oracle Sales & Service Cloud for automating sales processes, and Oracle Service Cloud for customer service excellence make introducing AI in a simple way.


From avanttic we join efforts to help companies to listen to their customers and understand their needs, we give solutions adapted to them and that they do not adapt to such solutions.


In the end: “Don’t tell me how well you do it; tell me how good it does me when I use you” Leo Burnett. 

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