Oracle’s Top 10 Cloud Predictions: move towards democratization and data automatizacion in data science

Oracle has recently published its  Oracle’s Top 10 Cloud Predictions report. This year the predictions are focused on the impact of automation and new technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning up to 2025.

We are going to talk specifically about the prediction number 7 of the Oracle’s Top 10 Cloud Predictions report:

Prediction Number 7
Data science will be increasingly automated and embedded into analytics and data management systems. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms has definitely emerged from universities and has reached to the companies. This doesn’t mean than artificial intelligence does not have been applied in the companies. not at all. There are dozens of examples: routes optimizations, product recommendation, customer classification, scoring algorithms, sales forecast, etc. The difference up to now the tools needed (software and hardware) were extremely expensive and not accessible for every company. Thanks to Cloud, every company could access to all the tools necessary to start exploit their data without incurring in high cost.



One of the great challenges we face is the labor market itself. Companies are demanding this roles more and more, but there is a deficit of Data Scientists. This means than many companies do not start projects even having a budget to do it. Data Scientists spend too much time collecting and preparing data; it’s estimated that they spend up to 80% in those tasks. Oracle tells us in 2025, based on the current trajectory, there will be a big problem to hire this profiles.



To solve those problems software industry is working, and will still working during the following years, in automatize those tasks, helping Data Scientists to be more productive and focus on really high value tasks, generate new insights.  It will also try to democratize the science of data, giving the end user simple tools that allow making first approximations to these complex tasks.

Oracle already works in its analytical tools, such as  Oracle Analytics Cloud, to provide them with mechanisms that help to collect, copy, relate and transform data in a simple way and that these Datasets reach the user easily. Oracle is also creating new powerful tools (such as the  Oracle Data Science Cloud) that help Data Scientists become more productive in their work.

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