Oracle’s Cloud Predictions 2019: 100 percent of supply-chain apps will depend on augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain, ML, and IoT

We continue to analyze the predictions of the Oracle’s Top 10 Cloud Predictions report:


Prediction Number 4
100 percent of supplychain apps will depend on augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain, ML, and IoT.

The industry is being updated and evolving in its manufacturing processes, new technologies allow to accelerate, improve and guarantee the design, logistics, production and infrastructure processes.


Consider a supply chain capable of predicting with MachineLearning which products can have defects in manufacturing and detect them before delivering to avoid return costs. Or how to improve our distribution and logistics by letting the neural engines in cloud selecting the most optimal routes and recommendations.


Ensuring the origin of the product throughout its life cycle through blockchain is already a reality, certifying the traceability of a product from its creation, distribution to sale. As an example, agriculture sectors are already adopting Blockchain solutions to identify the product from its plantation to its distribution in the sales areas.


Augmented reality is already being tested with 5G technologies for real-time transmission of a repair or medical operation, for example. Facilitating the employee’s work, improving their time and above all avoiding failures that result in new economic costs.


All these initiatives are already a reality and there are solutions in the Oracle cloud to accommodate all of them, ML, Blockchain, IoT, DataScience, AR Development, etc …



From avanttic we can guide your ideas and help you conceptualize them and accompany you in your update to an Industry 4.0.


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