Oracle APEX: recognition of “Gartner Peer Insights”

Only we want to echo on recognition to Oracle APEX for prestigious Gartner consulting, which has awarded the November 19 Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice award for being the low-code development framework chosen by companies.

Gartner Peer Insigh is a platform for rating and reviews of enterprise technology solutions by and for end-user prefessionals.



More and more companies are betting on the ease of development with APEX when business solutions very close to the data are required.

At avanttic we are leading several development projects using APEX. From our point of view it is ideal to develop departmental applications that do not require a very complex architecture – as it resides in the Database. It also provides the power necessary to create fully web applications, responsive and incorporating all the power of Javascript.


In the following link you can learn more about these Gartner awards, as well as read user reviews.

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