Oracle APEX 19.2 Early Adopter is now available!

Good News for APEX community, a development platform that allows users to develop attractive, very visual, and safe, scalable applications that can be deployed on any device and place that has first-class functions, and all, with is a low-code development.

Oracle APEX 19.2 Early Adopter is now available!!*

(*) Maybe at the time of reading this post this link is no longer available.

Remember that an Early Adopter hosted version is like a beta version. This means that it cannot be installed locally, that we will probably find bugs and that what we develop in the hosted instance is not guaranteed to be installed in the final version of version 19.2.

But is very interesting because we can begin to test and play with it and learn first-hand about its new features, providing our comments, which will be considered and taken in consideration in the process of launching the final Release.

In addition to the new features included in version 19.1, this new version includes:


  • Faceted Search (a powerful new way to filter and display your data. The faceted search will make it easier for your users to find the data they want)
  • New Team Dev
  • REST Enabled Interactive Grid (allows to read / write to remote data sources)
  • Enhanced Popup LOV (improvements in LOVs to include multiple columns and better search capability)
  • Expanded Shared LOVs (new Data Source support, allowing to define the LOV as either Local, REST Enabled SQL or Web Source. New declarative Column Mappings, allowing to define the LOV display and return columns…)
  • Data Loading into Existing Tables (the data upload functionality in SQL Workshop will be extended to allow uploading native Excel, CSV, XML and JSON documents into existing tables)
  • Upgraded Oracle JET (JET 7.2.0, jQuery 3.4.1, jQuery UI 1.12.1)
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