Oracle announces Autonomous Database free version

During the last Oracle OpenWorld edition Oracle made an interesting announcement: Autonomous Database will be free of charge and without limit of use.

This announcement gives the opportunity to developers to use a fast and powerful database in a few minutes and give the benefit of all set of tools that Oracle Autonomous Database offers (view press release).


Autonomous Database is the new generation of Oracle databases. The main characteristic is his self-driving capacity. Autonomous lets to developers and database administrators focus on the import tasks that give value to companies, therefore Autonomous takes the responsibility of all recurring tasks.

Oracle has analyzed data of thousands of different databases. Thanks to this analysis Oracle has been able to create advanced algorithms to offer us:

  • Self-Driven: database runs in an EXADATA infrastructure,it is ensures high availability and high performance, and we will not have to worry about updates.
  • Self-Securing: database is always patched, preventing possible security vulnerabilities.
  • Self-Repairing: Oracle ensure 99.995% availability. Autonomous is able to anticipate common errors and apply the appropriate corrective actions.


In addition to all this functionalities, Autonomous Database brings to us others functionalities and development tools:

  • Oracle Application Express (APEX).
  • SQL Developer Web.
  • Machine Learning Notebooks.
  • Rest Interfaces


All those functionalities are also included in the free version and are fully functional. I encourage you to probe and start your new development projects immediately, without involving other departments and forgetting the delays of depending on others.

In next posts we will talk about all those functionalities in deep

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