Forms & Reports is out

A few days ago, in the Oracle Open World, Oracle Forms has been anounced, and now is out! You should be able to get the download here:



You can download in the following platform / languages:


You can find the documentation here. Here is the summary of the news, features, enhancements, and changes made to Oracle Forms in this release:

  • Oracle Forms Standalone Launcher Improvements:
    • Single Sign-on Support using Oracle Access Manager.
    • Improvement of Cache Handling. Oracle has improved cache handling in this release thereby improving application startup performance. Administrators can now use the new ignoreSaaCacheparameter
    • Support for Java Version 11.0.2
  • Forms Application Deployment Services (FADS):
    • Support for Webutil-enabled Applications

Starting with this release, Oracle Forms Application Deployment Services (FADS) correctly deploys C libraries, such as DLLs for WebUtil-enabled applications.

  • Enhanced Database Support

All databases certified with this Forms release are also supported for use with FADS, so 12+ database are supported.

  • Increased Allowed Text Length for Text or Display from 65534 to 2097151
  • Improved WebUtil File Transfer Rate by as much 30% for both transfers between the user and middle-tier and between the user and database..
  • Updated Database Client Software
  • Oracle Reports has been deprecated as of Fusion Middleware 12c Release 2 ( This means that no further development of Oracle Reports is planned for the future. In future releases, Oracle is not planning any functional enhancements for Oracle Reports other than critical bug fixes

Oracle recommends migrating to Oracle BI Publisher for reporting purposes


We use this opportunity to remind you there’s a Oracle Forms demos server in the Cloud. The demos has been updated to the latest version of, where you can try the application startup performance and much more.  Thanks to Frank (@colognedata on Twitter) for his work:

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