New age in Business Analytics Tools: Oracle Analytics Server 5.5

An Important news comes from Oracle: Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) disappears and is replaced by Oracle Analytics Server (OAS). It is great news for the world of analytics


But, what is Oracle Analytics Server? Is it a new tool? Not really. Oracle has bang on the table and has decided to align its two lines of analytical products: Cloud and On-premise. Both lines had separated and we had reached a point where the product of both began to be very different. Let’s say that Oracle has downloaded from “the cloud” Oracle Anaytics Cloud (OAC) and created Oracle Analytics Server.


OAC will continue to be the spearhead of Oracle in the world of analytics, but the updates and improvements that will arise in the cloud will reach the on-premise version in the periodic updates (between 12 and 18 months). On-premise users will be able to know and test in advance in the cloud version the improvements that will come to them in the following releases, and decide whether or not to upgrade.


How does this change affect customers? From the point of view of licensing there is no change: OBIEE licenses that have already been acquired will continue to be valid and will be considered as a simple version upgrade. Another interesting point is OAS will not be marketed in different versions, as OBIEE did (Standard Edition, Server Edition, Enterprise Edition, Suite Foundation), but on a single package option that will contain all the functionalities.


The compatibility between OAS and OAC,in other words, between on-premise and Cloud versions, will be total, which is very interesting for hybrid deployments: having QA environments or integration in Cloud and on-premise the production environment. Avoiding having licenses for environments with sporadic use ; cover usage peaks of our on-premise environments with cloud environments, etc.


Oracle Analytics Server provides much more functionality than OBIEE. Dashboards, Answers, Publisher are also availaible, but the most interesting are the new features: self-service analytics, DataFlows, Data Replication, Augmented Analytics, etc.


Soon we will tell you all the news that Oracle Analytics Server offers and how to migrate from OBIEE in an interesting Webinar.


Meanwhile, you can now download Oracle Analytics Server.


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