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Oracle Forms & Reports is a very useful solution to design and build enterprise applications and interact with the database quickly and efficiently. Oracle has been including periodically numerous improvements, adapting Forms to the new requirements of the customers and to the technological evolution.


Oracle Forms 12c was released in October 2015, along with many other components in the Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c technology stack. In addition to the numerous enhancements included as part of FMW 12c, Oracle Forms specifically includes many new features and improvements. The updates included in Oracle Forms 12c offer the ability to refresh the appearance of older applications and also greatly improve performance and facilitate administration. New browser-less client configuration options offer a way to no longer worry about compatibility with constantly changing browser versions and their underlying technologies.


Oracle recommends a periodic upgrade to latest versions so that migration is easier and customers can enjoy the latest improvements in performance, scalability and security. For example, updating Forms from version 6i requires two steps; first we would have to go through the 10gR2 version, and then go to the 12c version. On the other hand, users of version 11g would simply have to install the new software and regenerate the associated application modules to complete the process. To facilitate the process, avanttic has developed an application that allows the automatization of the migration process and that reduces the project time by around 75%, making the impact on the operations of its customers considerably lower.


Oracle maintains its commitment to the evolution of Oracle Forms and continues working on new improvements and functionalities around this technology, including its evolution towards Oracle Cloud. Although a PaaS service for Oracle Forms has not yet been launched, it can be used in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in IaaS mode, offering significant cost savings by eliminating costs related to hardware renewal and maintenance. In these types of deployments in Oracle Cloud, the Oracle Forms application layer is deployed in a dedicated or virtual machine within OCI and the database layer can be deployed in the same way or using available PaaS (DBaaS) services.

It is not even necessary to install and configure the software to deploy Oracle Forms in Oracle Cloud, since there is an image of Oracle Forms 12c on Oracle Linux 7 available in the Marketplace that can be directly provisioned in OCI. This image includes all the necessary software to develop, test and execute any application compatible with Oracle Forms 12c and can be extended if a client has specific requirements (more information in the post Nueva imagen virtual de Oracle Forms 12c para Oracle Cloud Infrastructure).

avanttic has proven experience in upgrading environments from older versions of Oracle Forms to version 12c and in migrating those environments to Oracle Cloud. To facilitate the transition of our customers to Oracle Cloud, avanttic has developed “Fly to Oracle Cloud“, a comprehensive catalog of more than 30 packaged services, designed from the accumulated experience and the most common requests of its clients, to initiate quickly and safely the trip to Oracle Cloud. These packs have been created to save time and costs by implementing solutions built on hybrid architectures that combine Oracle Infrastructure and Platform. We have a specific package for the migration of Forms & Reports, which includes the provision of the necessary resources in the cloud, the configuration of the application and database layers and the migration of the client’s developments.


Last Fourth of July we gave a webinar on this topic, in which the opportunities for updating Forms and Reports applications and move them to Oracle Cloud were detailed. You can review the presentation and video of the webinar in this link.

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