How do Oracle and avanttic help to improve the Customer Experience?

In recent years, the management of Customer Experience (CX) has been represented as a strategy of competitive differentiation, a true discipline which goes further than customer satisfaction and service quality. It is about understanding, designing and managing customer interaction in order to influence their perceptions, looking to increase their satisfaction, loyalty and support.


Therefore, CX covers the whole life cycle of a customer, from the impact we generate to unknown users to everything surrounding the purchase cycle, post-sale and even subsequent support.





With the new solutions of CX cloud from Oracle and the support of avanttic throughout the entire journey, we bring together the best capabilities of both companies in order for our clients to create unbeatable experiences for their customers. It is not just about managing but rather about making the most of the data in order to make it better and more effective. Data is at the core of all companies and knowing how to use it will transform the way in which companies connect with their customers.


CX converts companies into a better version of themselves on top of allowing them to adapt themselves to the changes produced in real time and get a grip on the race for innovation.



86% of companies consider that customer experience is the new competitive battleground. Oracle



avanttic supports its clients in their own customer journeys, by adapting to their needs in efficient and innovative solutions by adapting Oracle’s cloud applications.


SaaS CX allows us to offer the client to connect to applications based on the cloud by means of an integral platform:

  • Integrated end-to-end connected business processes
  • Easy configuration and personalisation
  • Portability of fast data
  • Integral security in the cloud
  • Integrated analytics
  • Support in emerging technologies, from artificial intelligence (AI) to chatbots, Internet of Things (IoT), and much more


Here you can discover the business advantages offered by SaaS from Oracle.

What is Customer Experience?

According to Wikipedia, customer experience (abbreviated CE or CX) “is the product of a customer’s perceptions after interacting rationally, physically, emotionally and/or psychologically with any part of a company. This perception affects the behaviour of the customer and generates memories which boost loyalty and affect the economic value generated by an organisation”.


It reaches all interactions from attraction and interest generated by marketing, discovery, purchase, use, customer service and up until de-registration, regardless of how it occurs. Its reach is inclusive, linking business around the customer’s vision.


In later posts we will talk about other concepts linked with CX:

  • Customer Experience Management
  • Customer Journey Map
  • User Experience
  • ROI or the calculation of profitability returns
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