avanttic lives: because life is woven with shared experiences

Last February, during the last general meeting held in avanttic, all of our colleagues had the opportunity to watch a video testimonial about avanttic lives, a commission formed by company´s volunteers that meets monthly to devise and carry out initiatives that promote group cohesion, support healthy measures, are committed to the environment and are in solidarity with causes related to childhood.


The functioning of the commission is based on a participatory and equal system, where all participants have the opportunity to share their ideas and opinions beyond their function within the organization.


avantttic lives is an autonomous group in which people act from the freedom and responsibility to achieve a common goal and purpose, something for which they are worth working and that ,in some way, helps them achieve some plenitude because it allows them to develop emotionally , personally and professionally.


It is not a chance that avanttic lives slogan is “because life is woven with shared experiences”. Exactly that knitting of relations that are generated in the company makes the people that work in here committed and we reflect of natural form the values ​​of our company.


I invite you to watch the video that I told you at the beginning of this post to share with you the enthusiasm of some of the workmates who are part of the avanttic lives commission.

You can also find information and images of the activities we do on our website, on Twitter and on Instagram.




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