• 14th July, 2021
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We have just received the ISO 33001:2015 certification (with the ISO/IEC 12207:2017 process model), from Bureau Veritas and therefore we are now on the list of Spanish organisations certified in ISO/IEC 33000. This ISO, which replaces the former ISO 15504, is equivalent to the well-known Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).

Several months ago, we passed the audit, without any non-conformities, and now we have received this certification that provides us with a series of effective tools that contribute to improving the quality of software development, achieving greater organisational maturity.

The quality of a software product today cannot be assured simply by testing the product. It is important to consider the direct correlation between the quality of the product obtained and the quality of the process used to develop it. Following a process-oriented approach for software development leads to increased organisational maturity, thus achieving defined and managed processes, knowledge within the organisation, quality software delivery, meeting deadlines and satisfying both customers and employees, in line with the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and the quest to deliver the highest possible quality in the services provided.

The model consists of 5 maturity levels in which the company can be placed:

  • Level 1: Basic
  • Level 2: Managed
  • Level 3: Established
  • Level 4: Predictable
  • Level 5: Innovative

For now, avanttic has been certified at level 3 (Established: the organisation demonstrates the effective definition, improvement, deployment and assurance of its processes), hoping in the future to consolidate at this level and increase to level 4. In the list of ISO/IEC 33000 certified organisations, there are only 7 other Spanish companies with level 3 and only one with level 4 (none with level 5).

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