• 5th May, 2021
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On Thursday 29th April we held the virtual event “Apification with Oracle Cloud“.

The meeting was attended by Alberto Cubillo, Senior Architect of Integrations and Antonio José Molina Moreno, Head of Integrations. Toni Rodríguez Piris, Head of Communication and Marketing at avanttic, presented the event.

Alberto reviewed the capabilities of Oracle API Management showing the functionalities of the three components of the platform: API Platform, API Gateway and Apiary. In addition, he showed how to publish step-by-step APIs in these components and how to apply security policies. Antonio then commented on the experiences of avanttic and the results of projects carried out with this platform.

The meeting was attended by some 35 people with different profiles who were able to discover how the Oracle API Management platform is capable of publishing APIs in a very simple and secure way, as well as to learn about real cases with this platform in production environments.


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