• 6th August, 2021
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avanttic has developed an application that allows the physiological and biomechanical parameters of an athlete such as temperature, heart rate, contact time and cadence , as well as external factors such as humidity and wind speed to be displayed in real time. All this data has a great value not only for athletes and coaches, but also for health professionals

The project, in collaboration with the British company Human Telemetrics, has been developed in a few weeks and has been put into practice at the Tokyo Olympic Games. In addition to several training sessions in which different athletes tested the application developed by avanttic, the great “test” came last Friday, July 30, in the men’s 10,000-meter final. During the race, an athlete that finished in the top 10, ran with a smartwatch connected to 4G which, through the avanttic’s app, which was also connected to Oracle Cloud.




Apart from the smartwatch, athletes will also use other devices: a band on the chest and some small capsules (a casule is swallowed and the chest strap and sensor adheres to the skin) that allow the following to be measured in real time:

  • Body temperature
  • Skin temperature
  • Heart rate


Different athletes from a variety of different sports will continue to use the app developed by avanttic for the remainder of the Olympic Games. In the future, the goal is to make this technology personlised and used by different athletes in the same competition. This development will not only allow the health of athletes to be assessed during competion, it will also allow results of different athletes to be compared for the benefit of the spectator and event broadcasting.

avanttic has also enabled a number of minature “weather stations” to be installed around the Olympic Village in Tokyo to measure, in real-time, aspects such as temperature, humidity, and wind speed. These “weather stations” only broadcast data via Bluetooth. To bridge this gap and be able to connect with the Oracle Cloud, avanttic has developed a device that allows it to capture that signal and connect it to the cloud through Raspberry’s Pi.

The real-time information obtained through this system is especially relevant given the challenging environmental conditions that have troubled athlete during these Games.

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